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Wake With Weather

The jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that gets Siri to read out the weather and more after your alarm is stopped! See the video below to see how it works.

New! Get Siri to read out today's events from your Calendar. Get Siri to answer multiple questions one after another, for example, when the alarm is stopped Siri can read the weather, read today's calendar, read stock prices, play music and anything else Siri is capable of.

Wake With Weather requires the iPhone to be jail broken.

To install on your iPhone launch cydia and search for "Wake With Weather", select and then install.

Wake With Weather can be configured to read out the following weather information when the alarm goes off:

Wake With Weather can also read out events from your calendar.

By default when the alarm goes off Siri is asked "What is the weather forecast?" but it can be changed to ask about a specific location, e.g. "What is the weather forecast for New York City?", or you can add extra non weather related question such as "What do I have on today?", "What is the Apple stock price?" or even "Play Music".

You can also set a time period that Wake With Weather works for so, for example, only alarms set in the morning launch Siri.

Wake With Weather works in English, Spanish, French and German.


Any feedback for Wake With Weather would be greatly appreciated. For feedback or issues please contact me at proxydata@rdharris.org.